Concrete Filled Mattress Specialists

The revetment mattress is a double-layered fabric that acts as a formwork to allow the injection of a high-strength grout between the layers.

The resulting finished product acts as a barrier to prevent erosion that may otherwise occur on a number of engineering structures, including:

• Wharf and Harbour embankments
• Bridge abutments and road shoulder protection • Culverts and spillways
• Seawalls and river linings
• Embankment and lake linings
• Sludge lagoons and aeration ponds
• Boat ramps and hovercraft pads

Erosion Protection Systems has successfully designed, project-managed and installed concrete mattress on substantial projects in the USA, China, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Saipan Island, Guam, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, as well as extensively throughout Australia.

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