Concrete Revetment Mattress Specialists

Erosion Protection Systems is a recognised supplier and installer of concrete revetment mattress products, offering a cost-effective alternative to companies more familiar with traditional methods of erosion control.

EPS Filter Matt
Concrete Revetment Mattress Specialists

EPS Filter Matt

The Filter Matt is a double-layered concrete matt with each layer joined to the other at fixed intervals to form filter areas. These areas remain free of concrete and allow the transfer of water through the matt. This eliminates the build-up of hydrostatic pressures that would otherwise cause instability to the mattress and the structure it is protecting.

The spacing of these filter areas can be varied to increase the thickness and weight of the inflated mattress. The external forces expected for each particular project will determine what thickness of mattress is required.

This style of mattress is ideal for:

• Bridge abutments
• Culverts
• Spillways
• Lake lining
• Wharf and harbour protection
• Dish drains and major channels
• Road shoulder protection

Concrete Revetment Mattress Specialists

EPS Flexible Block Matt

The Flexible Block Matt is also a double-layered fabric constructed with each layer joined to the other in areas that act as hinges, forming the boundaries of rectangular blocks that are inflated with concrete. These hinges provide flexibility to the system and also act to relieve any hydrostatic pressures that may build up behind the mattress.

This matt can be reinforced with steel or Polymer rope inserted through each block for pre-cast lifting or to extend the life to an already permanent solution.

This style of mattress is ideal for:

• Areas where settlement is expected

• Sea-wall toe protection

• Under-sea cable protection

• Spillways

Concrete Revetment Mattress Specialists

EPS The Uniform Matt

The Uniform Matt comprises a double-layered mattress where the two layers are connected via a vast array of internal restraining ties.

As well as providing internal fibre reinforcement for the concrete that is pumped between the layers, the length of these ties can be modified to determine the final thickness of the inflated mattress.

The product provides a smooth watertight finish with a lower coefficient of friction and can also be used in trafficable areas.

This style of mattress is ideal for:
• Water reservoirs
• Sludge lagoons and aeration ponds • Channels and dish drains
• Spillways
• Boat ramps

Grass matt
Grass Concrete Matt

EPS The Grass Matt

Grass Matt is designed to allow vegetation to grow through the concrete mat to camouflage the product to create a more natural appearance.
The mattress consists of tubular woven fabric sections that are filled with concrete to create a square grid pattern.
The strands of thread assist with retaining the soil in place behind the matt until the vegetation germinates.
Once established, the mattress is locked in place, creating a bond with the growth that protrudes through the matt.