Concrete mattress specialists – design supply and installation

Erosion Protection Systems (EPS) is an internationally recognised company specialising in the supply and installation of concrete revetment mattress products for erosion control and flood repair works.

With 40 years of experience in this field, we offer a history of knowledge and engineering expertise unmatched by our competitors in Australia and overseas.

The cost-effective alternative

The products provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, including stone pitching, sandbags, gabions, rock mattresses, reinforced concrete and rip rap protection.

In comparison to the above methods of flood protection, erosion control concrete matts offer significant cost savings and are readily installed underwater.

The unparalleled speed of installation allows for the fast-tracking of large-scale projects, thus providing additional cost savings for project managers and clients alike. The products can also be coloured to blend in with their natural environment.

The concrete matt is a double-layered fabric that acts as a formwork to allow the injection of a high-strength mortar between the layers.

The resulting finished product acts as a barrier to prevent erosion that may otherwise occur on a number of engineering structures.

Concrete revetment mattress applications:

  • Wharf and Harbour embankments
  • Bridge abutments and road shoulder protection
  • Culverts and spillways
  • Seawalls and river linings
  • Embankment and lake linings
  • Sludge lagoons and aeration ponds
  • Boat ramps and hovercraft pad
  • Australian owned and operated

  • Expert installation

  • Extensive experience

  • Highest quality materials